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Architecture Design:


3.8 гa square

Number of houses:

Single 27, Twin 18

45 house


Canadian woodworking technology

Services: Restaurant, garden, shop, fitness, pharmacy

Public property: Basketball ground, children's playgrounds, artificial lakes.

Playground: Planned

It is 18 km from Ulaanbaatar, surrounded by forests and bushes, and is set in 1800 meters above sea level. View is fascinating. It is located 1 km from the Khadat-2 project at Belkh Valley. 

One-way highway is planned in the future.The location of the project is different from those of other projects as it is close to nature and locates in higher landscape.

The purpose of this project, developed by the Italian design and Canadian technology, was to reduce consumers' consumption costs and encourage consumers to stay healthy and safe continuously in the suburban areas.

The great value of the project was to give you a glimpse of the remarkable view and high mountains from home in the morning. 

Khadat Villa-1 is a good planning from the beginning of the townhouse, and you will have provided a campground and a basketball court, such as a kindergarten, restaurant, fitness center, and lounge to make you and your children and family more pleasant and joyful. Assessment of the location of the site Khadat Villa-1 is considered to be correct.

  The location of the project was selected as a place where it was impossible to be affected by air pollution and fascinating view. The first 27 single houses sold in the initial 3 months of the project's construction has set was a record sales success in the industry. Even after the project's all single house sold, still the customers have been asking to purchase. This shows how much demand for living in single houses with integrated infrastructure located into beautiful natural scenery in Ulaanbaatar.


10000 KW air line from Tsuurai Valley in Bayanzurkh district in 3 kms.



After driving through Belkh paved road for 16kms, pass through Khadat Valley for 4kms of dirt road


Each household’s heating is decided by the eco-friendly and unobstructed Carborobot boilers from Hungary.

Clean water

Fresh water is fed from a depth of 180 meters.

 Sewage system

An independent septic system is planned.

Communication & Media

Mobicom and Unitell cell phones coverage. Triple service of Univision is planned.

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