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Architecture Design:


22 га square

Number of houses:

139 single

139 house


Canadian technology wooden house

Services: Restaurant, garden, shop, fitness, pool, pharmacy, children’s day care.

Public areas: Basketball and volleyball fields.

Children's playground: planned in each street

 It is 19 km from Ulaanbaatar, 15 minutes to magnificent National Park with forest and nature, 10 minutes from the Uliastai River and 1 km to the Belkh Khadat Camp

Khadat Villa-2 project is a wooden construction technology of Canada, similar to Khadat Villa-1 project. The project has all modern style single houses total of 139 households and is for young people, those who prefer independent and new styles.

The unique feature of the Khadat Villa-2 project is also on the slopes of the mountain and fascinating views, with the design of the location advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows and modern style single houses.

Each household has a fence covering 465m2 of land includes pedestrian paths, restful sheds, and children's playground In addition, each street has a children's playground and a recreation environment such as barbeque area and trees with a nice breaze,where you can enjoy barbeque with yor friends, ride a horse, climbing a cliffs with a fabuluos view from the top of it and also skiiing and sledging in winter time. Therefore Khadat Villa 2 is giving you this pleasant stay.

There are many factors that are unpredictable in our lives. We can never purchase by money the comfort, the peace, the value of every moment, the fun of our children, and the moments we get from life. In the same way, there are many things we cannot value by money in our projects. We wish to connect every moment of your life closely to the environment.


8 numbers of KTPN 400 kW will be installed


After driving through Belkh paved road for 16kms, pass through Khadat Valley for 4kms of improved road.



Carborobot, a Hungarian boiler, 8 installed and each household is connected to the integrated heating system.

Clean water

The deep well is 120 m and 6 kiosks. 200 ton reservoirs are in line with integrated heating system and are connected to each household.

Sewage system

Separate sewage problems by the septic system, and each household is connected to a sewage system.

Communication & Media

Mobicom and Unitell cell phones coverage. Triple service of Univision is planned.

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