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Architectural Design:

Nature- Architectural perfect combination Khadat Villa-3 Neoclassical House Town

Number of houses

Total 30 households. 24 single, 3 twin houses for 6 households. There are 4 types of basic 61, 62, 63, 64.



Reinforced concrete frame, MAK made blocks

Service: Kindergarten, shop, pharmacy, coffee shop, restaurant are planned for the service building.

Public area: There is a plot of  0.06 hectares of land owned by the property owner and public area is for everyone.

We aim to ensure that our designs and concepts to be innovative, comfortable fulfill our customers need as it is our ultimate goal. Therefore, we have developed comprehensive planning system that provides high quality integrated security system, residential community, centralized heating, hot and cold water, electricity and sewage system

This project is a villa house of 30 families with neoclassical designs designed for users who prefer silence, independence and quiet relaxing environment.

The Khadat Villa 3 project is designed to be the most prominent feature of the Villa House, which is the most beautiful area located on the ridge of the mountain surrounded by coniferous forest and in the high altitude are with a nice view.  

The project also planned  to have integrated infrastructure system similar to Khadat Villa  and 1 and 2. 

The town is planned to cover 2.7 hectares of land and consists of 24 single houses and 3 twin houses for 6 households. It also plans to have 0.06 hectares of land ownership for each household integrated system of heating boiler, power generator, service center, residents’s community, basketball court.






CTPN 400 kVA 1nos  installed


After driving through Belkh paved road for 16kms, pass through Khadat Valley for 4kms of improved road.


Each household’s heating is decided by the eco-friendly and centraly two unobstructed Carborobot boilers from Hungary.

Clean water

Fresh water is fed from a depth of 180 meters. 2 kiosk is installed. 50tonns of reservoir installed. Centrally connnected and distributed to each household along with the heating line.

 Sewage system

An independent septic system is planned.

Communication & Media

Mobicom and Unitell cell phones coverage. Triple service of Univision is planned.

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