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Core project

Khadat Villa-3

Nature- Architectural perfect combination Khadat Villa-3 Neoclassical House Town

Khadat Villa 1

Italian architecture - a private house with a classic design

Underway project

Khadat Villa 2

Modern style town house

Underway project

Khadat Villa 1B

The extension of the Khadat Villa-1 project started in October 2016 and Italian Architecture - Classic design houses for 11 households are newly planned. This project will be completed in October 2017.

Upcoming project

Villa Rent House

Upcoming projects

Fishing camp

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Project Construction Performance # 2

The Khadat Villa 3 project has been successfully continuing…

2017.11.14 3666

Khadat Villa project has been voted the BEST MONGOLIAN TOWNHOUSE of 2017 for the MONGOLIAN PROPERTY AWARDS.

Thanks to all our innovative, creative young colleagues and customers.

2017.11.14 3647

Project construction performance # 1 (as of 1st of October)

project's steel-frame construction is underway.

2017.11.14 3839

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